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"Spieluhr" Live - 2019-03-23

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Heinersorf Open Air

Erfurt (Germany), Club From Hell
as support for Null Positiv


Some more photos of our concert from 2019-03-23 at EAC Freiberg are online!
Many thanks to Steve Czymek | www.foxdot.me ! Click here!

First photos of our gig from 2019-03-23 at EAC Freiberg are online!
Many thanks to Bilderfeld for the beautiful pictures!
View the gallery hier :-)

A big thank you to the team of EAC Freiberg, the other bands Conspiria, Wyst and La Magra as well as to sound and lighting engineers and all helpers (merch etc.) who were involved in this great event. Not to forget about you – our incredible audience! It was a fantastic evening!!!

EXAUDI - EAC, Freiberg 23.03.2019  

photographer: Steve Czymek | www.foxdot.me

May we introduce…


…our new singer Bettina!
Give her a warm welcome at our first joint concert on March 23st, 2019 at EAC Freiberg!

Dear fans and followers,
unfortunately we have to inform you that Jacky leaves EXAUDI.
Due to her commitment at Cocomico Theater in musical 'Conni – Das Schul-Musical' there is no time left for rehearsing and playing gigs on stage with EXAUDI.
We wish her all the best for her future!
We want to thank Jacky for her time with us and everything she contributed – musically and personally.

Here is a little 'thank-you'-video for Jacky!

But… the dream isn't over yet… stay tuned…